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Citrange Collection
Melange Collection
We have been handcrafting the Citrange line of stoneware, here in California, since 2000. Each piece of this durable stoneware is slip cast, or ram-pressed from plaster molds, then dipped by hand to high-fire glaze. The modern colors and organic shapes create a versatile collection you can use everyday. Comfortable in the city, country, or seaside, your individual Citrange color choices reflect your personal lifestyle. Choose serving piece colors to punch up the seasons, or choose all plates one color, bowls and mugs another. Have fun - make it your own. [ See the Citrange Collection ]
We have been hand-painting Melange earthenware in the Sonoma County studio, since 1990. The layers of rich, glossy glaze, reveal a painterly depth, which can’t be duplicated with any other process. We offer a selection of Melange vases for wholesale, and the entire line for retail sale on our website. The Melange colors and shapes mix well with The Citrange Collection. Order your entire selection in Melange, or mix and match your collection with Citrange, for a lovely blend of color and durability. [ See the Melange Collection ]